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May 9, 2013:
New "MUSIC" section. Just some good music to listen


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Personal Information

I was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live in London, UK, since August 2010.

Software Engineer, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNCPBA), Tandil, Argentina. June 2008.
Developed thesis: "Annotated GUI: Automatic GUI generating framework from java annotations".

MBA (Master in Business Administration), UNCPBA. July 2010

MSc in Intelligent Web Technologies, Queen Mary College, University of London. October 2011.
Developed thesis: "Combining classifiers, representations and knowledge in Text Categorization" (Using SVM, WikipediaMiner and other techniques)

CTO & Co-founder at Tsavo Group SRL- Software Factory and IT Consulting.
Technology Manager at Fuse Information Management

Technical Interests

* J2EE and LAMP platforms
* Cloud Computing. Web services. SOA, SaaS
* Agile methodologies (Scrum). Business Process Management (BPM)
* Design Patterns / Software Architectures
* RIA applications (JavaScript/Ajax, Adobe Flex/AIR, AS3)
* Eclipse RCP based applications

Contact Information

Phone: + 44 1483 762816
Postal Address:
FUSE Information Management Ltd
Dukes Court, Duke Street
Woking, GU21 5BH

Phone: +54 2293 436568
Postal Address:
Tsavo Group
9 de Julio 1145
(7000) Tandil, Buenos Aires

More info:

On Miscellanious section you can find some articles and other things non-related to software engineering. For example an article about Klimt and other about Dostoievsky


- Fedor Dostoievsky
- Gustav Klimt
- Wes Anderson
- Bob Marley
- Banksy


- Spring (Acegi) Security Framework
- Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection Pattern
- Web MVC